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Subject: RE: [saf] Call today

Stavros – Posting the meeting notes now.

Here is the latest on issues 005/009:

    • Use case 1 – Group symptoms that are hierarchically related (as known by emitter).
      • Example: Any of the standard syndrome examples will work.  A top level ‘symptom’ effectively acts as a syndrome.  Only difference is that the relationship (between symptoms) is understood prior to analysis by the diagnostician. 
      • Proposal: New symptom field called ‘Related Symptoms’.  Since this is identical to our existing ‘Probable Cause’ field, but with broader semantic meaning, we propose to replace ‘Probable Cause’.
    • Use case 1.5 – Complex grouping of symptoms in a relationship (outside of that dictated by a syndrome)
      • Example: Symptom relationships are defined in a CMDB.
      • Proposal: Diagnostician could/should leverage externally defined relationships.  This is perhaps an implementation detail.
    • Use case 2 – Group Symptoms that are part of the same incident.
      • Example: Fever & Chill symptoms are reported Dec  2010, and again in March 2011. These represent two separate incidents (and not to be considered together by the diagnostician).
      • Proposal: IncidentID
      • Issues: A single symptom could be involved in multiple incidents. 
    • Use case 3 – Escalating or De-escalating symptoms.
      • Example: Fever symptom gets progressively worse, and then after treatment goes away entirely.
      • Proposal: Existing attributes (along with proposed IncidentID) could identify this escalation/de-escalation of effectively the same symptom (albeit different symptom id).  The combination of IncidentID + Symptom Type + Subject should be enough for the diagnostician to track this progression.
    • Use case 4 – Status symptoms
      • Example: Temperature symptom is reported every 5 minutes.  The last symptom should supercede all others.
      • Proposal: We haven’t addressed this use case.


I grouped them into Use cases (although technically that wasn’t part of the discussion last week).

I decided not to put this into the Spec (just yet). 


From: Stavros.Isaiadis@uk.fujitsu.com [mailto:Stavros.Isaiadis@uk.fujitsu.com]
Sent: Monday, December 20, 2010 9:00 AM
To: saf@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: [saf] Call today


Hi all,


A draft agenda for today's call. I think we should continue on:

-          Quick discussion on CMWG ballot

-          Technical Issues

o   Any updates/insights on Protocol name

o   Symptom linking/referencing: come to concrete proposals bringing in ProbableCause from existing spec and latest discussions

o   Syndrome resolution: as above bringing in IssuedPrescription from the current spec

-          Potential F2F in first quarter 2011?

-          AOB?


Thoughts? Changes? Suggestions?


Thanks and speak to you soon,




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