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Subject: Going forward in 2011

Hi all,


my request for availability relates to discussions around our strategy going forward in 2011, publishing a spec, and making the best of our liaison (and other collaborations). I have drafted some sort of agenda that we can discuss in the call today iff there are enough participants, otherwise we should talk about the technical issues.


-          Milestones:

·         Spec v1.0 out (by summer)

§  Mature draft with all technical issues resolved

·         White paper updated (mid-summer)

§  following or during our spec public review?

·         Cloud profile

§  mapping to standards like DMTF CMWG and OGF

§  dependant on their publication dates (do we know anything?)

·         REST binding appendix possibly

§  As a recommendation in a separate document or appendix in spec?

-          Liaison

·         How do we advertise?

§  OASIS newsletter

§  Common message (which forum?)

·         Common Use Case development (will drive the cloud profile as well)

§  or maybe adopt some of their own?

·         Common white paper

·         Profile verification by liaison group

·         Participation in their F2F (who is available)

-          F2F in late March / early April to finalize some (or all) technical issues

·         Probably in the US

-          Membership

·         Revive IBM participation (ideas?)

·         Waiting on interested University

·          Engagement strategy for getting onboard some members from the liaison group



Any comments more than welcomed.





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