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Subject: Some cleaning up

Hi all,
Following Jeff’s addition to the spec of the ProtocolGroup as a first class entity (which I think I liked) I think we should become a bit more consistent with the way we handle groups of things in XML, e.g. in the case of potential syndromes we currently have a flat collection of syndrome uris as opposed to a more structured collection like we have for associated protocols. So I will make the following changes and please let me know if you have any objections.
Potential Syndromes:
<Syndrome uri=”xsd:anyURI”/>+
Also removed <IssuedPrescription>xsd:anyURI<\IssuedPrescription>* from the pseudoschema to reflect our decision to remove it from the spec.
Finally, a question about incidents: did we decide that a symptom can indeed participate in more than one incidents??If so then maybe this should also be changed according to the “rules” above.
Finally (again), currently content is specified as anyType[0..n] but as
in the pseudoschema. Shouldn’t that be
< Content >
</ Content >?
Any advice from someone more in touch with XML? (Vivian?)
Thanks and speak soon,

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