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Subject: Additional discussion needed on Types Registry

See the 7/25 meeting notes.

We have a few topics that could use further (email) discussion prior to the next meeting.  Some comments from the meeting are in italics.


    • Should the Types Registry only include SymptomType and PrescriptionType, or also include SyndromeType & ProtocolType?
      • Effectively, the Catalog “is” the place where SyndromeType & ProtocolType are defined.  Maybe the Catalog could also be the place where SymptomType & PrescriptionType are defined?
    • Should Symptom/PrescriptionType definitions be optional? 
      • Without these definitions it would be difficult to author a Syndrome & Protocol, but not impossible.  One could do manual analysis of the Symptom Store to understand the content & arguments schema.  Ideally the SymptomEmitter and Practitioner would provide these types, but (again) not required.
    • What does definition look like? 
      • SymptomType
        • Type
        • Content schema (xml schema)
      • PrescriptionType
        • Type
        • Argument schema (xml schema)


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