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Subject: Updates to Spec

Revision 11 of SAF-Specification-CD_01_Revision.doc has been uploaded.


Based on our discussion today, I made fixes for various cardinality, misspellings, etc. 

SymptomContent and PrescriptionArgument names were left unchanged (for now). 

References to entities were improved as follows:

-      References in the normative tables now say “reference to …” in the type field, rather than xxxxReference.  The latter designation gave the perception that xxxxReference was an entity. 

-      References to PrescriptionArgument and SymptomContent (ie: our “type registry” entities) are now consistent with other references, ie: uri & version attributes.  There is also some verbiage to indicate that these references are optional.  In other words, Symptom.SymptomType could be anyURI, or it could be a reference to SymptomContent.  Ditto for Prescription.PrescriptionType.  I’m sure there is still plenty of room for improvement, so please take a look and offer feedback.





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