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Subject: Authoring example/diagram

Hi all,
I was putting together some text for an Appendix on catalogue authoring –similar to the one we have in Appendix A:
The diagram below provides non-normative example of how Catalogue Authors may go about retrieving available Symptom and Prescription types in order to define Syndromes and Protocols.
Authoring Process:
  1. Bob (Catalogue Author) wants to define a syndrome and protocol for Fever. He consults the Catalogue and finds the schema used by Symptoms conveying temperature information (added by Symptom Emitters able to emit temperature data)
  2. He uses the schema to construct a signature for the Fever Syndrome
  3. Bob publishes the Syndrome in the Catalogue
  4. Jane (Catalogue Author) is responsible for defining appropriate Protocols and wants to define one to tackle Fever. She requires a Prescription to tackle Fever that applies one Aspirin if the temperature is between 37.8 – 38.5, and two Aspirins in case it’s above 38.5. She searches for the schema for the arguments expected in order to generate such a Prescription and finds the relevant PrescriptionSchema in the Catalogue (added by Practitioners that can handle such Prescriptions).
  5. Jane then creates a Protocol with a Directive able to generate the above PrescriptionSchema by extracting Subject and Temperature information from the relevant Symptoms. She adds this Protocol to the Catalogue.
  6. Jane then goes on to associate this Protocol to the Fever Syndrome.
It needs work still, and missing the actual diagram :-) Comments more than welcomed.
Vivian, since you were to touch the existing diagram, could you have a look at creating one for Catalogue authoring as well?

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