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Subject: [saml-dev] SAML Interop 2002 at Burton Catalyst

Dear Fellow SAML Interop 2002 Participants,

My name is Don Bowen and I am leading the SAML Interop coordination for Sun. I am working closely with our engineering team, which is building our first SAML-compliant product, now called Sun ONE Identity Server.

I know Prateek Mishra from Netegrity has sent out a more formal proposal for the technical focus for the interop and I hope to see more responses to that proposal soon. At the same time I believe there is a need to start thinking about this event from a little higher level and to begin to map out a timetable and the details for how we will make this happen.

If for some reason I have missed a prior effort by someone else on the list to initiate this same activity, my apologies. I am just getting a little concerned with time and having recently been a Burton Group employee, I know the level of professionalism attendees will expect (and I'm sure many of you do as well).

I would like to schedule a conference call as soon as possible, possibly as early as next week, to discuss some of the following issues and others, which we can hopefully identity via email in the next few days.

Again, assuming the technical focus will be worked out separately, I wanted to highlight some of what I've been thinking about and then let others add, remove, clarify, etc. My apologies in advance for this format.

I am sure that all of you will be able to add to this list and maybe even point out why some of these issues aren't big (or
are even bigger). Whatever the case, let's try to build a fairly succinct list of issues/discussion points. Then let's get on a
conference call and try to make decisions on some and divide and conquer the rest. For those issues it becomes clear can't be
solved on the phone or which require more investigation, we can assign an individual or individuals to develop a
strawman, discuss via email and if necessary have another con call.

This email is only my attempt to move us forward. If there is a better way or if somehow this is already going on and I'm
just not aware, please point me in the right direction. Thanks.

If you've been waiting for a fire to be lit under this effort, please consider this email the match :-)


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