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Subject: [saml-dev] SAML artifact source id config.

Hi folks,

I am writing some code to support saml browser/artifact profiling. 
According to draft-sstc-bindings-model-15,  In section, it says "In
steps 4 and 5, the destination site, in effect, dereferences the one or more
SAML artifacts in its possession in order to acquire the SAML authentication
assertion ...."
I run into a problem that when the destination site composes a config file
in its possession. As its partner sends the 20-byte code, which is typically
a SHA-1 output with some non-displayable characters, you must have awared
that a conversion from byte array into plain text is needed. This may cause
some man made error or code burden/incompatibility on the destination site.

How about its partner sends the hex string or Base64 encoded string of the
SourceID for the agreement/configuration purpose. 

Please note, this doesn't affect the artifact format of section

Any thought?


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