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Subject: [saml-dev] Con Call Tuesday 4/23

I will plan to setup a conference call for Tuesday 4/23 from
12-1pm EDT.

My apologies for not sending this out sooner. We should have
an agenda and further identify things that are best
accomplished over the phone. Obviously we need to have that
agenda somewhat firmed up by late Monday, which doesn't give
us much time, possibly only Monday (unless some of you are
as bad as I am about work).

I would first like to know who will be participating, so
that I can make sure I have enough lines. I will assume one
line per confirmed company, unless I hear otherwise. I know
Sun will have at least two lines unless Ping has a trip
scheduled to Peoria, IL that I don't know about :-)

Here are a few items for the agenda
- Final naming of the event, but as it stands it is: SAML
Interop 2002
- Early testing
  - How soon will you be ready to test? What will be ready?
  - Proximity might determine a lot here
- Discuss dry run locations, times and participants
  - RSA has already offered their facilities for a dry-run
on the east coast
  - Sun may be able to do the same for the west cost
  - We need to know who would go where and what times will
- Discuss the technical focus
  - We have agreed that browser artifact is at least one
aspect of the demo
  - If we are going to do anything with authz decision
assertions we will need a clear proposal and I think all of
us would like to see this happen
  - We won't want to deep end on this topic on the phone,
but if we can agree about who will do what and keep to Hal's
proposed 5/15 deadline that should be good
- Discuss Catalyst
  - Who can come early?
  - When do we think we need to arrive?
  - Can we limit the amount of network gear being shipped or
  - Signage?
  - How should we get the marketing people talking?
  - Script can probably wait until after 5/15 when the
technical focus is firm

These are very much off the top of my head and I'm sure
there are other topics. Hal, I don't know who moderates the
calls normally, but that person is welcome to do the same on
this one. If I don't see that happening I'm going to do it.
Does OASIS has someone participate? Are they lurking here
and will they tell us that they will join in?


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