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Subject: Re: [saml-dev] SAML Interop tech focus question

Novell should be prepared to do the brower/post with dsig.. we've be
demoing this internally for a while and would be interested in looking
at interop between different XML-Signature implementations.


>>> Don Bowen <don.bowen@sun.com> 04/26/02 10:56AM >>>
I know we need to limit scope creep, but I feel compelled to
ask if anyone else is going to be ready to test browser/post
profile. Sun will be ready and would love to see that
included in the demo as well. To me this seems like a very
natural follow-on. You guys are the experts, but from my
limited understanding the post seems like a far better
approach and a more likely use case in the real world. If
I'm wrong, please feel free to educate me (and thanks in


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