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Subject: RE: [saml-dev] draft-catalyst-interop-plan-01

Title: RE: [saml-dev] draft-catalyst-interop-plan-01

Comments below.

> Section 1.2, URL Naming Convention
> **
> What is the difference between the "portal" and the "inter-site
> transfer"? I thought they are one and the same (i.e., the URL for
> browser to go to authenticate and receive the artifact).

I agree, I don't see why they can't be the same.

> Section 1.6.b (trust model)
> **
> I think the correct standard here is PKCS #7 and not PKCS #12.

This is a holdover from our original idea that we would be exchanging a root plus a chain. Since I guess we are just exchanging a single root for SSL which is likely to be a self-signed cert, any of: PKCS#7, CMS, binary DER, base64 DER or PKCS#12 would work.

Anybody have a strong perference? We have a tool that can convert among various types.


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