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Subject: RE: [saml-dev] Questions about dry run

Hey guys - Here's a more detailed proposal on the network configuration.


First - re: network addresses.  I'm assuming we will NOT be using DHCP.

  1. It tends to play havoc with some server software/frameworks.
  2. If we want multiple names for the same system, it doesn't work well. The reason this is important should be clear by the end of this message.

The down side is that everyone must configure the network on their systems with fixed IP addresses.  I'm going with the 192.168.x.y proposal from Don.


First, "x" depends on the alphabetically sorted company name:


X - company name

1 - baltimore

2 - crosslogix

3 - entegrity

4 - netegrity

5 - novell

6 - oblix

7 - quadrasis

8 - rsa

9 - sigaba

10 - sun

11 - systinet

12 - Tivoli

13 - verisign


Using Prateek's suggested system naming I now recommend setting "y" as follows:


Y - demo function

1 - portal

2 - application

3 - receiver

4 - responder


So, for example, the RSA portal system can be found at IP address


At a minimum, each company will have 4 entries.  This assumes that the system names are actually set to "portal", "application", etc.  If the systems where these demo functions are hosted really have different system names than those used above, then we just need to add additional entries for those addresses.  For example:       portal.rsa.com               # RSA portal host       philpott-lap.rsa.com        # actual system name where the portal runs       application.rsa.com        # RSA content provider host       ct009.rsa.com               # actual system name where the application resides       receiver.rsa.com            # RSA artifact receiver host       ct009.rsa.com               # the artifact receiver is also the content provider host       responder.rsa.com         # RSA SAML SOAP binding responder host       philpott-lap.rsa.com        # the SAML responder is also on the portal system


I will put together a complete etc/host file using the default settings above.  If folks want additional entries for the specific IP addresses, you'll need to send me the IP addresses and machine names that you'll be using.  Please use the format:

192.168.x.y       machine.company.com  # any comment you want


The next issue is whether to use a DNS server or individual etc/host files.


There are pro's and con's to using an etc/host file.  Pro's - easy to modify, no DNS system to manage, individual systems don't have to have their network config changed to account for the DNS server.  Con's - easy to get out of synch, changing the file means updating it on all systems (and we'll have a lot of systems).


My preference would be to use a DNS server.  I've asked our comm/IT group to set one up for me on a laptop so it will be easy to take out to the show in SF.  It looks promising, but if they decide they can't do it for me, I'll either need another company to step up to the plate and bring one properly configured, or we'll have to go with etc/host files.  I'll let you know when I hear definitively from them.  The advantage of the DNS server is that there's just one place to update and all systems can take advantage of it.


Does all of this make sense to folks?


Rob Philpott

RSA Security Inc.

The Most Trusted Name in e-Security

Tel: 781-515-7115

Mobile: 617-510-0893

Fax: 781-515-7020



-----Original Message-----
From: Don Bowen [mailto:don.bowen@sun.com]
Sent: Friday, May 03, 2002 1:05 PM
To: saml-dev@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: [saml-dev] Questions about dry run


I have a few questions about the dry run, which I need to secure the right facilities at Sun. My apologies that this has not
been confirmed yet, but being out of the country and trying to coordinate it make things difficult.

Robert Philpott has already asked several questions, but I still haven't seen any replies. PLEASE review these
questions, which I have inserted below in case you no longer have it:

Hey folks - I'm lining up network access for the dry run. I've asked them to allow http, ftp, email, and VPN
protocols through the firewall.  Anything else?

Other network questions:

   1.Do we want a DHCP server set up for the local network?
   2.What about a DNS server?  I would think it would be easiest to just configure an etc/hosts file that we all
share, but I thought I'd ask.  I'm not sure I'll have time to configure a system for this here, so I would probably need
someone else to step up to the plate.
   3.Regardless of whether we want DHCP, I assume a bunch of the boxes will need static addresses.  We should
agree on ranges of address for each company to use.  Someone want to propose something?

I did propose something for address ranges, but have seen no reply to that either. Here is that proposal again for your

What about a netmask of and 192.168.x.y where:
x would range from 1-N (N being number of participants, assigned in alphabetical order)
y would be 1-M (M being the number of machines a participant needed)

Additional information that I need includes:

- How many people from each company are planning to attend?
- How many machines will each of you bring with?
- What would you expect to be provided?

I'm not trying to be pushy at all, but without input from all participants on these questions and issues we can't make the
necessary progress. If someone wanted to volunteer to create a network diagram that shows all participants, their
machines and any other equipment that would be great.

I will be putting together an agenda sometime today or over the weekend for the call this next Tuesday. Feel free to
send input. I'm leaving Munich for Paris at noon and just can't do it any sooner.


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