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Subject: [saml-dev] SAML implementation attestations

Once again Jeff and I would like to have these attestations sent to the
list. Back in February we received a reasonable number, but now that there
is active interoperability testing underway (or at least planned for public
demonstration at the Burton group's Catalyst conference in July), I expect
that we might have deeper and broader coverage. Therefore, we'd like to have
all companies re-issue their attestation of implementation so that we can
package this up with the submission of SAML 1.0 specs to Oasis on June 1.

(Yes, we will have another vote prior to June 1 to confirm the committee's
approval of the spec and submission of the spec to OASIS as an OASIS
candidate spec)

Joe Pato                                HP Labs Cambridge
Principal Scientist                     1 Main Street, 10th Floor
Trust, Security & Privacy               Cambridge, MA   02142
Trusted E-Services Lab - HP Labs        Phone: (617) 679-9376
<http://www.hpl.hp.com>                 Fax 1: (617) 679-9330
<http://www.hp.com/security>            Fax 2: (781) 674-0142 

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