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Subject: [saml-dev] RE: [security-services] SubjectLocality errata?

>Specifically, what "current practice" appears to require it?  This
>pretty ambiguous and if so, should be cleared up in the spec.

The current practice is the enforcement of IP checking when doing SSO
between web servers, as a way to increase an attacker's burden.

>SubjectLocality is defined as the name/address FOR the system entity
>WAS authenticated. If the system entity is a computer system, then I
>understand why the info might be useful, although I'm not sure how
>practice" applies.

In the context of the browser profiles, it's presumably the IP address
the browser used when it authenticated.

>But for authenticated users, it doesn't make much sense since users
>typically have IP/DNS addresses.  It isn't supposed to identify WHERE
>system entity WAS authenticated.  Or is this how others interpreted its

No, but in a web context, the browser (the USER agent) is considered to
be standing in for the user.

-- Scott

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