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Subject: RE: [saml-dev] Help with network setup for the show?

IMHO, it would be great if monitors could be provided.  I indicated in my power requirements that we'd possibly have 1, but I limited it because I didn't want to hassle with the shipping.  I planned on making it a 21" job to make the display easier to read for people standing around.  Ideally, we should have a couple per vendor, I would think. 


Now that I think about it, please upgrade my power request to include 2 monitors instead of one.  If you can't supply them, I will see if I can get a couple shipped over from our SF office.


Hubs will work, switches would be better. I wasn't worrying too much about net performance.


Re: DNS - our DNS server will be on a Win2K Server running on a laptop.  I'm sure we can dump the config info for setting up yours. I'm not a DNS management expert on how to do that, although I'm sure I can find someone to do it. I'm not sure what you're thinking in terms of a tar ball, as I would expect the config info to just get dumped as text which I'd just send you.  If you're using a Sun box for DNS, a dump of anything else wouldn't be compatible anyway.




Rob Philpott

RSA Security Inc.

The Most Trusted Name in e-Security

Tel: 781-515-7115

Mobile: 617-510-0893

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From: Don Bowen [mailto:don.bowen@sun.com]
Sent: Thursday, May 16, 2002 12:24 PM
To: Philpott, Robert
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Subject: Re: [saml-dev] Help with network setup for the show?



I'm looking into what Sun can do, including potentially providing extra, large monitors for the show so that people don't have to ship any out. I would need to know who needs one in advance and have no idea whether I can make this happen. I'm also asking about the hubs/switches (wouldn't we want switches? I guess performance won't be much of an issue).

For the dry run we need to provide a DNS server as well. Is there any chance we could ftp a tar ball with what your folks have setup and just leverage it?


"Philpott, Robert" wrote:

My IT group has configured, but not yet tested, a DNS server for our use at the east coast dry run.  I am planning to bring that system (running on a laptop) to the show to support the whole network.

I assume someone (Sun?) is configuring a DNS server for the west coast dry run as well - I don't recall anyone mentioning it, so I thought I'd remind folks.

I'm pretty sure I can supply network hubs for the dry run, but would really like to avoid carrying that gear to the show as well. 

Can someone on the west coast supply some for the show?

Rob Philpott

RSA Security Inc.

The Most Trusted Name in e-Security

Tel: 781-515-7115

Mobile: 617-510-0893

Fax: 781-515-7020


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