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Subject: [Fwd: RE: [Fwd: [saml-dev] URGENT: PARTICIPANTS MUST READ]]

More response from Jim Kobielus.

One related note. I believe that Burton understands that
people attending just to help their company in the interop
should not have to buy a Catalyst ticket. I'm waiting for
confirmation, but that is what I've heard from another
source at Burton.


-------- Original Message --------
Subject: RE: [Fwd: [saml-dev] URGENT: PARTICIPANTS MUST
Date: Thu, 16 May 2002 10:40:11 -0600
From: James Kobielus <jkobielus@burtongroup.com>
To: "'Don Bowen'" <don.bowen@Sun.COM>
CC: Prateek Mishra <pmishra@netegrity.com>,Kathy
Herrmann<KHerrmann@burtongroup.com>,Phil Schacter
<PSchacter@burtongroup.com>,Larry Gauthier


We need to have the rough parameters of your facilities and
requirements before Kathy can begin to give you an estimate
of the
cost-per-vendor for the demo/suite. Principally, that
involves you telling
us your furniture, lighting, power, telecom, LAN, and
Internet requirements
for the demo. Kathy Herrmann is the point person at Burton
who'll make sure
that the room is provisioned with what you need for the
demonstration and
hospitality suite. The sooner you get your requirements to
us in detail, the
sooner we'll be able to get back to you with an estimated
cost, and the more
likely it is we'll be able to provision you (through working
with the hotel
management) with what you'll need for the demo suite.

The demo/suite room (California Room) will be available
starting Saturday
morning, July 13, starting 10am, per the document that has
the master list
of facilities issues (which I sent you last week).

Demo/suite participants will need to be registered as
Catalyst attendees, at
minimum. Reservation procedures for the Catalyst conference
(as an attendee)
and for the Hilton San Francisco (as a hotel guest) are on
pages 6 and 7 of
the attached Catalyst 2002 North America.


James Kobielus
Senior Analyst
		Burton Group
6006 John Roccato Court
		Alexandria VA 22310
		703-924-6224 (phone and fax)
				USA Eastern timezone (GMT-5; Washington DC
"Driving Network Evolution"
		 Hope we see you at Burton Group's Catalyst 2002!

"The most important things in life are either just above or
just below the
threshold of everyday perception."--jgk

-----Original Message-----
From: Don Bowen [mailto:don.bowen@sun.com]
Sent: Thursday, May 16, 2002 12:29 PM
To: jkobielus@burtongroup.com
Cc: Prateek Mishra
Subject: [Fwd: [saml-dev] URGENT: PARTICIPANTS MUST READ]


These are good questions. The first one scares me a bit
since he is implying a catch-22. We need to know final
head-count for costs, he needs to know costs to get approval
and be included in the head-count :-)

Do participants need to register for Catalyst? Is there a
discounted rate? (That would be a good idea and show good
faith). Can they get hotel through Burton for the Hilton
even if they don't need to register? Also, would they need
to register all their people? I'm sure they would want
hotels for all of them.

I didn't think the room would be available until Saturday.
Will it be available on Friday? When?

Please let me know answers ASAP.


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