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Subject: Re: [saml-dev] drfat-catalyst-interop-plan-02

I have 2 questions/comments.

1. When a user arrives at the content site and is authenticated via a SAML 
assertion, the content site should reserve a small box in the upper right (or 
left) corner of the web page and display in the box:
1.authentication authority
2.user name
3.memberlevel attribute
4.e-mail address

In the above I am assuming that the authentication authority is actually the
Issuer per the Assertion schema. Currently we at Sun put the sourceID there . Is
that acceptable by all ? or should we have a more understandable string there
like dns-suffix sun.com.

2. Each vendor would be required to show the following: 
A. Something only Gold members can do. 
B. Something only Gold or Silver members can do. 
C. Something all members can do (bronze, silver, gold). 
D. Unauthenticated users are re-directed to the portal for login. 

In D above, I am not sure what is the expected behaviour. If we redirect
to portal login, then after logging in, one would be displayed a content page
with links to content hosted at distinct web sites, but I would think
that the user would expect to be taken directly to
the content application after a successful login upon redirection. Does
anyone think alike  or if not can someone please clarify the expected
flow ?



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>Subject: [saml-dev] drfat-catalyst-interop-plan-02
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