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Subject: [saml-dev] Conference call for Tuesday 5/21

1. Is there a call-in number for tomorrow's call.
2. I know there are many items to discuss, but I'd like to ensure that
we address the following:
A) Finalize URLs. Specifically, there appears to be some inconsistencies
around the exact URL for the SAML SOAP responder.

B) Determine which vendors will be sending conformation emails at the
end of their transactions. This is in the context of the general "flow"
of the demo.

C) Discuss requirements that assertion consumers MUST do something
different based on the value of the attribute MembershipLevel. As you
know, Sigaba's "content provider" is a key server that releases an email
decryption key based on the authenticity of the user and his/her email
address attribute. As such, we will not be using the attribute
"membership level". 

D) Determine when assertion producers must publish their SourceIDs.

E) Determine when everyone must publish their PKCS7 certificate chains

F) Finalize if we will be using a single Certificate Authority (I
believe one of the participating vendors offered to produce certificates
in response to PKCS10 requests). 


Jahan Moreh
Chief Security Architect
tel: 310.286.3070
fax: 310.286.3076

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