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Subject: [saml-dev] Room requirements for Burton


Here is what I'm planning to tell Jim Kobielus from Burton
we need:

1) Tables per his proposal. What about chairs? I think we
need at least a couple for each vendor. Some may be put away
after Saturday. Do we want tables where people can sit and
eat, drink and talk?
2) Bonded security person to watch the demo room from
Saturday afternoon through start of demo Monday evening.
3) Power and power strips to support 18 laptops, 11
desktops, 13-14 monitors, several switches/hubs, potentially
several desklamps. The power strips need to be accessible to
demo tables, approximately 12 outlets per table (6 per
4) 1 Internet connection - I wouldn't expect to have this be
any more than what it costs for a room per day.
5) 1 Phone connection - be nice to require a security code
for long distance. Could we say it won't allow long
distance? I was concerned that it may defeat the purpose,
but maybe not.

Marketing folks are working these issues:
- Signage: at least something for an easel, but possibly a
banner for in the room hanging on the curtain divider
- Food/Drink

What am I forgetting?


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