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Subject: [saml-dev] Network IP change proposal

I have been notified by the lab where we will be conducting
the west coast dry run that I can only use 192.168.16.*.
This means we either do something different just on the west
coast and stick to our original plan on the east coast and
at Catalyst or change.

I've discussed this with Rob Philpott and he suggested that
we move to a 192.168.16.xxy mapping. Using the order on the
spreadsheet we would have Baltimore (1) using,, etc. and Tivoli (12) using,, etc.

This works for me, but want to see if the rest of you are
ok. Regardless, we won't have a choice at Sun on 6/17 unless
I create a stir, which I'd like to avoid.

We'll close this issue on our next call.


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