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Subject: RE: [saml-dev] RE: SAML Interoperability Demo marketing informati on

Title: RE: SAML Interoperability Demo marketing information

Based on the latest document that Don sent out, I have a question re: signs on the monitors.  Below, Kyle proposes that each vendor produce their own.  During the con-call (and I think it's implied in Don's document), I thought we agreed that OASIS would produce consistent signage for each monitor with each vendor supplying their logo and a small amount of text describing their product (e.g. just the product name?).  The vendors would split the cost of the signs.


I personally prefer that OASIS produce the signs with our input rather than each vendor doing their own.


What did other folks understand we would do for this item?  It wasn't included in Dee's message to the marketing contacts.  I'm getting asked by our marketing group what they have to do for the signs.




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Sent: Friday, May 24, 2002 10:32 AM
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Subject: [saml-dev] RE: SAML Interoperability Demo marketing information


Dee and others,

Thank you for taking the lead on the marketing dialog, Dee.  I have a couple of questions/proposals on this topic.

First, what is the deadline for agreement on marketing issues for this event?  Perhaps Friday June 14 would be appropriate to give everyone a full month to build anything they don't have already.


To reiterate some of the rules that I heard on this week's conference call:
- We are not allowed to bring our booths as there is not enough space in the hospitality suite.  Instead, each vendor will have a table.  What are the dimensions of the space with which each vendor is working?  Table size?  Personal space surrounding the tables?  How will the room be set up?  Are we allowed to bring our own easels and signs?

- No signage is allowed on the walls of the suite.  I think the answer is no, but is there any opportunity to bring large company/product signage that we typically see at conferences?


I also have some other questions/proposals:
- In your message, you indicated that each vendor provide a 1 page flier describing their product.  This may have all been implied, but I propose that

a.) the requirements is really one page front and back (rather than front only)
b.) each vendor is free to design the page as they see fit
c.) each vendor is responsible for delivering their fliers on Saturday July 13 during setup

- During the call we proposed that each vendor has their company and product name on a sign on the top of their monitor.  Because we are concerned about consistency, we need to agree on

a.) size constraints
b.) format constraints -- I propose no constraints on the sign formats
c.) production -- I propose that each vendor is responsible for bringing their own
Is there a way to determine the size of the monitors?  If not, we can assume a 19" and base the size off of that.

- Also during the call we agreed that collateral would be available at the vendor tables.  Are there any limits to what can be displayed on the tables?  For example, could I bring a 4' sign and lean it against the wall behind our table?  I would think that we want to discourage signs like that since we want to focus more on SAML and interoperating than individual vendors and products.

Thanks for your time,


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> From: dee schur [mailto:dee.schur@oasis-open.org]
> Sent: Thursday, May 23, 2002 5:14 PM
> To: Gene.Carozza@baltimore.com; frank_mara@hotmail.com;
> kyle.bergquist@entegrity.com; mchanliau@netegrity.com;
> echapa@oblix.com;
> tkamionek@rsasecurity.com; tcandia@sigaba.com; john.barco@sun.com;
> pswenson@us.ibm.com; macario.namie@epeople.com; simon@godik.com
> Cc: Carol Geyer; jpeterson@burtongroup.com;
> saml-dev@lists.oasis-open.org; jkobielus@burtongroup.com;
> KHerrmann@burtongroup.com; taitchison@socketpr.com
> Subject: SAML Interoperability Demo marketing information
> Hello,
> My name is Dee Schur and I am the marketing assistant at OASIS. The
> OASIS Director of Communications is Carol Geyer.
> I would like to bring everyone up to speed on the SAML
> Interoperability
> Demo to be held at the Burton Catalyst conference in San Francisco on
> 15-17 July, http://www.burtongroup.com/catalyst/catna02/. The
> Demo will
> take place in a hospitality suite on Monday evening, 15 July. Please
> see, http://www.burtongroup.com/catalyst/hospitalityfaq.asp, for more
> information about the hospitality suites.
> A press event will occur during the day of 15 July prior to the
> hospitality suite (demo). More details will follow on the press event.
> The following companies are confirmed participants:
> Baltimore Technologies*
> Crosslogix*
> ePeople*
> Entegrity Solutions*
> Netegrity*
> Novell*
> Oblix*
> OverXeer*
> RSA Security*
> Sigaba*
> Sun Microsystems*
> Tivoli*
> OASIS is cosponsoring this event which means that we will promote this
> event on the OASIS website, http://www.oasis-open.org/events/, the
> XML.org website, http://www.oasis-open.org/events/, in the OASIS News,
> in two emails to the OASIS and XML.org membership (9.000
> plus) and in an
> OASIS press release following the event.
> A pre-event press release is planned for 3 June which was
> developed by:
> Thomas Aitchison
> Socket Public Relations
> taitchison@socketpr.com
> Jaculynn Peterson
> Burton Group
> jpeterson@burtongroup.com
> The PR firm (Sockets) will begin pre-pitching the release on May 28.
> We are (OASIS, BURTON GROUP and all vendor participants) are in the
> process of compiling a variety of information before I can
> come back to
> you with specific cost estimates to support this event.
> Marketing Materials:
> Standard marketing collateral is allowed in the demo room, as long as
> the opportunity to distribute collateral is provided equally to all
> participating vendors, and subject to constraints on
> available table-top
> space in the suite.
> During a conference call, we discussed the possibility of developing a
> one page flyer per vendor to describe the individual vendors SAML
> product, which could be distributed to the press during the
> press event.
> Two easel signs will be produced by Burton (inside and outside room);
> could you each send your logos in eps and gif format.
> Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.
> Regards,
> Dee Schur
> Marketing Support
> dee.schur@oasis-open.org
> OASIS         http://www.oasis-open.org
> XML.ORG       http://xml.org
> XML Cover Pages       http://xml.coverpages.org
> ebXML         http://www.ebXML.org
> CGM Open      http://www.cgmopen.org

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