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Subject: RE: [saml-dev] SAML InterOp one pager and Slide Set

Are we sure that Passport is going to require centralized authn? I thought MS had recently announced that this was not going to be the case? If they have it will impact both the one pager and the preso.
[Prateek Mishra] 
Not to my knowledge. There has been talk of licensing the passport server but no announcement
to date.
- prateek 


"Mishra, Prateek" wrote:

Enclosed are a revised SAML one pager and a set of slides for the InterOp.I have used some of Hal's slides and added materials from the one pager.Please comment. We probably need to finalize latest by mid-week.Dee, (1) does the one pager need to use some OASIS signage?(2) Who will print copies of the one pager? We should havea 100 copies or so made up.(3) Can we make the slide set available from some URL (I guesswe could publish it on the SSTC web page)?Thanks,prateek

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