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Subject: Re: [saml-dev] Interop event

I second that.. especially thanks to Don B. and SUN for getting the
whole thing put together.


Joe Hawkins
Novell, Inc., The leading provider of Net business solutions

>>> Bhavna Bhatnagar <Bhavna.Bhatnagar@Sun.COM> 07/17/02 01:29PM >>>
Yes, was great working with all and meeting all in the process of
making this a reality.
For those who did not attend the conference, after Hal's presentation,
James Lewis (
CEO Burton group) asked everyone who participated in the demo to stand
up and the standees
got a standing ovation. I just wanted to convey this to those who were
unfortunately not present
to receive it. So smile and pat yourself on your  back :))


Bill Simons wrote:

> I just wanted to express to everyone who participated in the Interop
> this past weekend what a pleasure it was working with you all.  I
> think that it speaks highly of the SAML specification, the writers,
> and the engineers involved in the implementation, how quickly and
> easily we were all able to get our products working together.
> Congratulations to all involved!
> Bill Simons
> Entegrity Solutions

Bhavna Bhatnagar                                Sun Microsystems Inc.
Identity Management group        __o
Tel: 408-276-3591              _`\<,_
                              (*)/ (*)


FN:Hawkins, Joe
ORG:;Identity Services Eng
ADR;DOM;WORK;PARCEL;POSTAL:;PRV:Provo,UT:1800 South Novell Place
PRV:Provo,UT:1800 South Novell Place

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