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Subject: RE: [saml-dev] problem

>Whenever i try to pass any SAML request document to SAMLRequest
>I get this exception even if samlp:request element is the root element
>my XML document

In future, we probably will have a specific list created for support of
this package, but for now, please send stuff like this directly to me so
as not to clutter the general list. Thanks...

>org.opensaml.InvalidAssertionException: SAMLRequest() requires
>samlp:Request at root
>       at org.opensaml.SAMLRequest.<init>SAMLRequest.java:144)

All of the DOM-based constructors that expect an Element have to be
given an Element of the correct qualified name (in this case Request, in
the protocol namespace).

You can interrogate the root of your tree being passed in with Node
functions like getNamespaceURI and getLocalName to find out what's being
passed in.

-- Scott

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