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Subject: [saml-dev] OpenSAML mailing list created


I promised I'd drop notes off when a mailing list for OpenSAML was
established, so consider that noted.

The list information is posted on www.opensaml.org but is not quite
correct yet. It also indicates the list is for Shibboleth pilot
participants, which is also not true, this is a general list for
developers interested in the SAML libraries.


To: listproc@internet2.edu
Subject: subscribe mace-opensaml-users FirstName LastName 

I'm not listowner, but I'm told it's an open list.

As is obvious from the web site, we're still in active Shib development
mode, so OpenSAML is purely a means to that end for a while. I do have
several changes on the near term agenda that will get into cvs fairly
soon, including updates to the C++ API and memory mgmt model to move it
to Xerces 2.0, many XML optimizations to speed things up, and some Java
API changes to sync up the two interfaces and also to remove the visible
dependencies on the Apache xml-security implementation, so that others
can plug in different signing libraries. (I don't intend to do any
different versions myself, Christian's library is fine for me.)

I know, the docs still stink, no samples, etc. Give it some time. I'll
do my best to answer questions and reply to suggestions as my real job

Also, we will have a buzilla in place soon, we're just getting things
set up now.

-- Scott

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