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If you are a vendor participating in the European Catalyst
SAML Interop I need you to do several things.

First, I need to know which time you prefer from the

1) Monday, 9/9, 12pm EDT, 11am CDT, 9am PDT
2) Monday, 9/9, 5pm EDT, 4pm CDT, 2pm PDT
3) Tuesday, 9/10, 12pm EDT, 11am CDT, 9am PDT
4) Tuesday, 9/10, 5pm EDT, 4pm CDT, 2pm PDT

So far I've heard from:

Baltimore (Irving Reid) - ???
Entegrity (John Hughes) - no preference
IBM (Anthony Moran) - anytime
Netegrity (Prateek Mishra) - ???
Novell (Joe Hawkins) - ???
Oblix (Charles Knouse) - prefers 2 or 3
OASIS (Dee Schur) - prefers 1 (Dee, can you do any other
RSA (?) - ???
Sun (Don Bowen) - prefer 3, 2, 1, 4 in that order - could do

We must do this call on early next week and really need to
have all companies represented if at all possible. I've
attached the latest copy of the document we used from the
last Interop, but I'm sure it is missing something and I
have not even reviewed it myself. Please come to that
meeting having reviewed this document (or a later one
provided by Prateek - hint, hint :-) I'll send other agenda
items tomorrow or over the weekend, but feel free to suggest
some. I'll plan for the call to be 1.5 hours and hope we are
more efficient than that.

In terms of equipment, I have:

Baltimore - ?
Entegrity - 1 laptop
IBM - 1 laptop
Netegrity - ?
Novell - ?
Oblix - ?
RSA - ?
Sun - 1 laptop

Jason Lewis says he will provide us with 2 8-port hubs,
which I believe should be sufficient. Knowing the rest of
the equipment will confirm this.

Please help me make sure we cover all the bases. I have even
less time than I did last time :-)


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