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Subject: [saml-dev] Catalyst Europe First Planning Call Details

OK. Well, I had to select option 3 for time, which is
Tuesday, 9/10 at 12pm, EDT (11am CDT/9am PDT) because of our
friend in the UK (and any others in Europe that will
participate). Asking someone to be on a call at 10pm is a
little unfair :-)

So here are the call-in details:

Date: September 10
Time: 12pm EDT, 11am CDT, 9am PDT, 5pm BST
Toll Free: 877-771-7176
Int'l Number: 225-383-1099
Participant Code: 222169

Here is the agenda:

- Review and Discuss Interop Plan (v4?)
  - Go over who will be bringing new code and/or new demos
- Review equipment plans and needs
  - Will anyone besides Sun us a monitor? (If not, we won't
- Review on-site schedule
  - My current plan is to begin setup and testing Monday
morning at 9am
  - Additional testing will begin Tuesday at 9am and end
when we are ALL comfortable
  - Share arrival times
- Discuss hospitality suite room needs
  - How many tables will we need? (4 for vendors, 1 for
  - What kinds of signs will we have (I don't suppose anyone
kept the "flow" posters we had made :-)
  - Will we want Dee to get us food? (I'm thinking we let
others attract with food)
- Power
  - Obviously we all need to bring converters for our own
  - There will be 12 laptops, not including personal ones
  - I'm kind of hoping we go monitor-less
  - I'll check with Jason to see if they or the hotel are
providing power strips
- Make sure we know what is needed
- It wouldn't hurt to have your marketing people on the call

If I'm missing something big just bring it up during the
call or send it to me via email.

Talk to you all then.


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