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Subject: RE: [saml-dev] SAML/XACML scenarios/samples

> Samples...
> I appreciate very much if anyone points me to any 
> samples/examples available for SAML/XACML?  I tried to 
> download JSAML from Netegrity but they had taken out the free 
> download option and the JSAML is now integrated into their 
> other products.  And there seems to be some vendors that 
> offer SAML tools for evaluations - any recommendations?

We're light (read non-existent) on samples for the moment, but you can
get some partially complete SAML code from www.opensaml.org that might
get you started. We'll eventually be opening the project up a bit, once
Shibboleth is out the door.

> Single sign on...
> If two or more entities join an alliance and trust each 
> other, should each have its own sign on service for 
> authentication or should they all share a single sign on 
> service.  In other words should the sign on credentials of 
> all users of all entities be managed/authenticated by one 
> service or each take care of their own.  Any cons in using 
> single sign on as long as entities trust each other?

Well, really, the whole point is to federate, and trust each other's
credentials. You manage your users, and I manage mine.

-- Scott

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