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Subject: [saml-dev] SAML Interop Coordinator for Monday in Munich

Fellow Participants,

I am being asked by my management to go to Frankfurt on
Monday to visit with a customer. I have let them know that I
am the coordinator for what will essentially be a "dry-run"
the day before the whole thing has to come together.
However, I believe I may have overstated my role. Bhavna
will handle all the technical issues related to Sun's
involvement as a vendor. Would someone else like to
volunteer to just make sure any issues which crop up are
dealt with? It would probably not be much. Work with Jason
Lewis to make sure the network is set up. I would try to do
that after arriving on Sunday. Work with the hotel people to
make sure the tables and power needs are addressed, though I
hope this is also taken care of when we arrive (or on

I would appreciate feedback. You can reply just to me. I
just don't want to push back on my manager when this role is
easily played by someone else. If I do go I would be back
Monday night and around all day Tuesday.

I need to make a decision by tomorrow.


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