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Subject: [saml-dev] AttributeQuery with additional values

I am trying to assertain if there is any provision made within the SAML
specification for supplying additional subject attribute values along
with an AttributeQuery, as this information may be required by the
attribute responder in order for it to service the query. For example,
it may be the case that a request for a subjects 'creditlimit' attribute
may only be serviced by a particular attribute responder if it has
access to the value of the subjects 'organization' attribute as well. I
can see no way however for an entity which is already aware of the
subjects 'organization' value (perhaps by having queried another
attribute responder previously) to include this information in the
request for 'creditlimit'. Effectively what I'm looking for is a way to
parameterize an attribute query. Is this scenario catered for by the
SAML specification, or has it been considered for future inclusion? I'd
appreciate any feedback


Tony Wilson
InMezzo Technology Ltd

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