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Subject: Any work on WSDL for restricted SAML responder?

I'm wondering if anyone else out there has looked at composing WSDL
that expresses a SAML responder that only accepts requests for a
subset of the possible types of Statements.

The use case I have is a service that only understands and responds to
requests for AuthorizationDecisionStatements. So I want to indicate in
the WSDL that the Query element should only contain
AuthorizatoinDecisionQuery elements and the Response element will only
contain AuthorizationDecisionStatements.

This seems problematic since both of these element are encapsulated 2
or 3 levels below the Request and Response elements, so there is no
easy way to indicate this in the WSDL Message elements. The only way
I can think of would be to define new restricted versions of Request
and Response, which sounds hideous.

 Am I missing something or does anyone else know of thoughts on this



BTW, Yes I've seen Irving Reid's WSDL for a basic SAML responder and
it looks good and I understand it could be used if all the parties
know OOB that only Authorization* elements are to be used.


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