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Subject: RE: [saml-dev] Any work on WSDL for restricted SAML responder?

> > That having been said, we would be better served by moving all of the
> > protocol pieces to SOAP, IMHO, and going halfway with it is not all that
> > useful to me. But I don't see that happening, since it would require
> > to provide things it simply doesn't without inventing headers.
> Can you explain this?

We've got a sort of mini-protocol defined, with some common data attributes
like message IDs for correlation, timestamps, etc.

If, say, SOAP defined these pieces (or we put them in SOAP headers that we
invented, which many groups do), then what purpose do Request and Response
serve? Nothing. They just wrap the actual payload, which is what Von was (in
part) talking about defining WSDL for, at least on the requesting side.

Now, it's harder to take that set of protocols and bind to something other
than SOAP, since now you have to solve the same underlying problems again.
But that's kinda why bindings exist...and it's not like people are rushing
out to define lots of bindings here.

-- Scott

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