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Subject: RE: [saml-dev] Any work on WSDL for restricted SAML responder?

> True, but as you point out even ripping off the current protocol bits
> doesn't solve the problem on the response side since the statements
> would still be encapsulated in an Assertion element.


> I don't think that is solvable as long as mixing of statements types
> is allowed in an Assertion. (If you only wanted to allow one type of
> statement this could be solved by extending Assertion for each type of
> statement instead of encapsulating statements in an Assertion.)

Well, right, it's solved by changing the original decision to create a two
level data model as a way of boxcarring statements. I don't favor the
current design, particularly (it seems to confuse the hell out of people and
it leads to clumsy specification language in places), but it may be too

-- Scott

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