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Subject: Do you use any one of AuthorizationDecisionStatement or AuthoirzationDecisionQuery elements?

As part of the SAML 2.0 effort, the SSTC is reviewing several proposals that
have to do with the updating the AuthZDecisionStatement and
AuthorizationDecisionQuery elements.

These proposals include the possibility of deprecating the statement and
query elements and deferring to other specifications (such as XACML) to
describe appropriate elements with similar semantics.

Before taking this step, the SSTC would like to learn about SAML 1.0 or SAML
1.1 deployments where either one of these elements is currently in use. If
you have experience with such a deployment, please send an e-mail to the
SSTC chairs describing your use of these elements. This information will be
very valuable to the SAML 2.0 effort.

Prateek Mishra

Rob Philpott

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