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Subject: Proposal to remove samlp:Resource element in SAML 2.0

The SAML 1.1 core document defines the resource attribute for the
<samlp:AttributeQuery> element in Section 3.3.4 (fragment of specification
text attached below). In SAML 2.0 there is a proposal to remove this
attribute and allow named attribute profiles to define this type of data.

We are polling the SAML community to see if implementations and deployments
are using this attribute in their implementations. Please reply if you have
an interest in use of this attribute as defined in SAML 1.1

- prateek 


Resource [Optional]
If present, specifies that the attribute query is being made in order to
evaluate a specific access
request relating to the resource. The SAML authority MAY use the resource
attribute to establish the
scope of the request. It is permitted for this attribute to have the value
of the empty URI reference (""),
and the meaning is defined to be "the start of the current document", as
specified by [RFC 2396]
If the resource attribute is specified and the SAML authority does not wish
to support resource-
specific attribute queries, or if the resource value provided is invalid or
unrecognized, then the
Attribute Authority SHOULD respond with a top-level <StatusCode> value of
Responder and a
second-level <StatusCode> value of ResourceNotRecognized.

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