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Subject: RE: OASIS joins NSA and Homeland Security in sponsoring SecurE-Biz CxO Summit, June 10-11, Wash. DC

5th Annual SecurE-Biz CxO Security Summit
June 10-11, 2004
Marriott Metro Center, Washington DC

Dear OASIS Members,
In behalf of OASIS and the SecurE-Biz Partnership, you and your senior
staff are cordially invited to attend the fifth annual SecurE-Biz CxO
Security Summit, scheduled for June 10-11 at the Marriott Metro Center,
Washington, DC.  As this is an invite only executive program, please use
the priority code OASIS911 when registering.  

 This year's CxO Security Summit theme is "Solution Roadmaps for Secure
Information Infrastructure and Cyber-Defense" and will detail best
practices and lessons learned for achieving compliance and beyond
(FISMA, CIPA, E-Gov, Hspd-7, Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPPA).  Please forward
this to those in your community who are responsible for leading,
planning, acquiring and implementing enterprise programs.
"The SecurE-Biz CxO Security Summit continues to provide a level of
depth and breadth that many executives seek from an executive training
program.  SecurE-Biz is a must attend for those business and IT
executives who are seeking to leveraging the combined experiences of the
world's leading security experts" states Howard Schmidt, Former White
House Cyber Security Advisor and Chair of President's critical
infrastructure protection board.
Recognized as one of the most comprehensive executive security programs
available, SecurE-Biz will provide delegates with; . 20 interactive
sessions lead by over 60 of world's foremost experts . Two parallel
tracks, Management Track and Implementers Track, that meet the diverse
needs of both business and technology management . Two CxO Roundtable
Luncheons where hot topics are debated . Solution Architecture Resource
Center where delegates get hands on support for their mission critical
programs . SecurE-Biz Leadership Awards Ceremony . CxO E-Social
featuring a live R&B band . A must have Security Solution Roadmap CD
containing compendium of artifacts necessary for implementation success.

PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED: To secure your reserved seat delegates must
register before May 10th at www.SecurE-Biz.net. And use priority code of
OASIS911 to get pre-registration discount.  

++++++A group rate of only $500. (50% off) is available when registering
5 or more at one time. Call 703 768 0400 and ask for Mike Kim.
Government Training form 1556 accepted. ++++++
"Let me take this opportunity to tell you how impressed I am with what
your group has been able to prepare. I too have never seen such an
interesting and thought provoking agenda, nor have I ever seen such an
impressive array of speakers. It should set a new standard for these
types of shows." '03 Keith Herrington, former Directorate CIO, Homeland
To support the diverse needs of the entire management team (CISO, CIO,
CTO, CFO, CEO, and PMs), SecurE-Biz brings together all the educational
tools needed for compliance AND implementation success including the
following topic treads; 1. Getting beyond compliance with Critical
Infrastructure Protection Act and Sarbanes-Oxley 
2. Acquiring Secure Solutions for Homeland Security and E-Business 
3. Emerging Trends, Technologies and Best Practices for Securing
4. Information Security and E-Business at the cross roads, what
acquisition executive must know. 5. Integrating Security into the
Architecture and CPIC processes 
6. Frameworks for assuring Infrastructure Protection and Business
7. Strategy for a National Geospatial Information Sharing; intelligence,
federal, states, industry 
8. Secure Web Services; avoiding the common pitfalls 
"This annual executive summit was designed to provide a hype free forum
for our IT thought leaders to share in those experiences and insights
that will aid our community in achieving its strategic IT goals and
learn from the experience of those who have already forged ahead." Jim
Flyzik in 2002, former Vice-Chair of the Federal CIO Council and Sr.
Advisory to Secretary Tom Ridge, Homeland Security.
Join one of the great lineups of influential leaders and subject matter
experts who have confirmed for this year's Executive Summit: 
Carl Banzhof, CTO, Citadel Security
Ryan Cast, Geospatial Information Officer, Department of Homeland
Larry Clinton, COO, Internet Security Alliance
Steve Cooper, CIO, Department of Homeland Security 
Kevin Deeley, Deputy Director, Information Security, Department of
Mark Foster, Liberty Alliance 
Dr. Dan Geer, Chief Scientist, Verdasys 
Dickie George, Technical Director, Information Assurance Directorate,
Darrell Graddy, Sr. VP, Lockheed Martin IT 
Steve Haynes, Director, Global Solution Consulting, CSC 
Andrew Howell, Vice President Homeland Security, US Chamber of Commerce
Joe Jarzombek, Director of Software Assurance, Information Assurance,
Office of the Secretary of Defense NII 
Rick Jones, Director Federal Operations, Intel
Jack Johnson, Chief Security Officer, Dept of Homeland Security 
Terry Kees, Vice President, Homeland Security, Lockheed Martin ISS 
Edward Kinney, Director Information Systems Security, Customs and Border
Protection, Dept of Homeland Security 
Eric Litt, Chief Information Security Officer, General Motors 
Honorable Robert Lentz, Deputy DASD, Security & Information Operations,
Office of the Secretary of Defense NII 
Werner Lippuner, Technology and Services Risk Services, Ernst and Young
LLP Dan Lohrmann, CSO, State of Michigan 
Bill Morgan, Director of IT Security for US Visit, Dept of Homeland
Security ADM Charles Munns, Director NMCI, US Navy 
Paul Patrick, Technical Director, BEA Systems 
Mark Powell, CTO, C4 Directorate, US Joint Chiefs of Staff 
Art Pyster, Deputy CIO, FAA 
Ed Reed, Security Czar, Novell 
Dr. Ron Ross, PM, FISMA Implementation Project, NIST 
Carlos Solari, CIO, Executive Office of the President 
Stan Soloway, President, Professional Services Council 
Mark Spangler, Information Assurance PM, OCIO, National Reconnaissance
Howard Schmidt, Former Chair President's Critical Infrastructure
Protection Board, CSO E-Bay 
Dr. William Vass, VP IT Operations, Sun Microsystems
John Watters, CEO, iDefense
John Weiler, CTO and Founder, ICHnet.org 
Bob West, CISO, Homeland Security 
Dan Wolf, Director of Information Assurance, National Security Agency 
Amit Yoran, Director National Cyber-Security, Dept of Homeland Security 
	and many more...
"We see the conference as a catalyst promoting the sharing of 'lessons
learned' achieving future cost savings and efficiencies within the
federal IT community," Lee Holcomb, former chair of the Federal CIO
Council, Architecture and Infrastructure Committee regarding the 2002
CxO Summit.

For more information on participation options (speaking, white papers,
sponsorship, demonstration) please contact : Monica Dodd, Conference
Manager 703 768 0400 monica@SecurE-Biz.net  or visit www.SecurE-Biz.net 

"Recognizing the dual impact of increased threats against our
information infrastructure and tough economic times, SecurE-Biz provides
an unmatched opportunity for IT executives to leverage significant
government investments and lessons learned in protecting our critical
information infrastructure " states John Weiler, SecurE-Biz Co-Chair &
CTO of ICHnet.org Architecture Resource Center.

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