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Subject: eMarkeTrend System (eMTS) Version 4.0

eMTS is the world's first market trend
analysis system with the design based on
the supply (yin) and demand (yang) concept.
NONE of the digitized trend signals are the
traditional and commonly used technical
indicators such as moving avg., RSI, MACD,
Stochastics, etc.

For the purpose of beta test, the sign-up
is 100% free with no cost, no obligation,
and no need to disclose your true identity.

Just send your email address to dan6898 at
hotmail.com in order to receive the 100%
computer generated and digitized market
trend signal. We guarantee that the
trend analysis quality is on a par with
the level of institutional system.

In return, you will receive the Daily
Signal Table for each security mentioned
below.  Because the web site hasn't been
lunched yet, the Daily Signal Tables will
be sent in Excel format with the
following file names:
. 01-DIA-XLF Signal
. 02-SPY-QQQ Signal
. 03-MDY-IWM Signal
. 04-RMS-IYR Signal
. 05-RTH-XLY Signal
. 06-SMH-INTC Signal
. 07-HHH-YHOO Signal
. 08-BBH-DNA Signal
. 09-XLE-XOM Signal
. 10-GOLD-SILVER Signal
. 11-NEM-PAAS Signal
. 12-USD Signal
On every Saturday, you will receive the
weekly market summary.

For the purpose of beta test, all the
signals are stored in the Exccel format
and sent in a zipped file.  Please visit
http://www.download.com and search for "ZIP"
in order to download WinZip 9.0 for opening
the .ZIP file.

After you open the .ZIP file, please
start from "What is eMTS".doc for comments
on the Daily Signal Table, the Dow Theory,
the Elliott Wave Cycles and the Kondratieff
Seasons, the long-term market strategies
and short-term/mid-term trading rules, etc.

1. My past background:
Assistant Vice Presidnt, Citibank Investment
Services, Wall Street, NYC.

2. After you sign up with the beta test
group, you can still enjoy the 1-month
free official membership service after
the site gets lunched.

3. When the site is lunched, the digitized
signal is posted no later than 10:00 pm EST.

4. This beta test and the promotional period
may last only for 1-2 months until the site
is lunched.

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