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Subject: Re: [saml-dev] Why Liberty if SAML provides the authentication framework?

Kapil Sachdeva wrote on 9/6/2004, 2:37 PM:

I went through the technical overview of SAML 1.1 standard. Grasped most of the cocepts behind SAML such as its an XML framework for exchanging authentication, authorization & attribute information between 2 (or more) portal/services. SAML also provide protocol bindings. SAML also explains the use cases and show the way authentication/authroization/attribute information can be exchanged using Browser/artifact and Browser/post examples.
SAML1.1 does provide a framework upon which you can build a fully operational, privacy aware SSO environment.  This is, in fact, what Liberty did.  Liberty added functionality in the areas of:
Liberty subsequently contributed their work back into the SSTC and the SSTC has incorporated it into the SAML 2.0 work that is currently in progress.   People who understand or have implemented Liberty ID-FF, will feel right at home with SAML 2.0.


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