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Subject: Re: [saml-dev] Re: RE : [saml-dev] Which version to use?

Jean-NoŽl Colin wrote on 11/9/2004, 5:37 AM:

 > Dear Anastase,
 > Thank you for your email. My question was more: as SAML 2.0 now
 > includes ID-FF, and, from the previous discussion, ID-FF is now a
 > dead-end, what will be the status of ID-WSF? Will it be integrated in a
 > later release of SAML? Will it exist as a stand-alone specification on
 > top of saml 2.0?

ID-WSF will continue its march forward and will support both SAML 1.x
(Liberty ID-FF) and SAML 2.x assertions.

ID-WSF is a very different scope from SAML, so I doubt that there will
be a convergence there, although as I said, ID-WSF will use SAML 2.0


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