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Subject: Re: [saml-dev] New to SAML


Thanks very much for bringing your document to the attention of this 
list!  It seems like a very useful resource; your visual comparison 
of structures is especially interesting.  I'd would like to study it 
more carefully, and possibly model some of the official SAML V2.0 
outreach materials on your explanatory approach.  Would that be all 


Yuri Demchenko wrote:
> Vinh,
> This document on SAML use for AuthZ may be useful for you
> Using SAML and XACML for Authorisation assertions and messaging: SAML
> and XACML standards overview and usage examples.
> http://www.uazone.org/demch/analytic/draft-authz-xacml-saml-02.pdf
> It covers only SAML Assertions but will be soon extended with SAML 
> protocol examples and also with sample test code.
> Regards,
> Yuri

Eve Maler                                      eve.maler @ sun.com
Sun Microsystems - Business Alliances     x40976 / +1 425 947 4522

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