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Subject: SAML SSO and VPN

I'm new to SAML and have spent the last week reading OASIS documents and whitepapers from SSO companies. I was wondering if anyone knew of a SAML profile or use case for VPN with SAML?
Is there a way for a VPN box to authenticate a user and then pass the authentication information to a source site through SAML? Could this be as simple as sending a SAML assertion inside a SAML response which is in a HTTP post? Would SOAP be needed?
Is there a chicken and egg problem when adding VPN to SAML SSO? Consider a situation where the source site is inside a VPN. How does a user establish a VPN session if his/her browser doesn't have access to the source site?
I'm using the term "source site" as its used in section 4 of the 1.1 version of [SAMLBind].
Ed Perreault

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