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Subject: Re: [saml-dev] AuthnQuery

On 4/29/05, Ari Kermaier <ari.kermaier@oracle.com> wrote:
> How about the use case where a user interacts with a browser-based 
> application that triggers a chain of non-browser-based sub-processes, 
> one of which wants to verify the user's authentication before acting on 
> his behalf?

If the user is a browser user, why not simply use a browser-based SSO
profile?  Not sure what you mean by "non-browser-based sub-processes",
but in any event I don't see why an ordinary browser profile couldn't
be used in this case.

> In this case, that sub-process might not have access to the authn 
> assertion provided during browser authn/access to the web app, but 
> would be able to initiate a SOAP request to obtain a new assertion.

If you would clarify your use case, that would help.  If a browser
user is involved, there doesn't really seem to be a question.  If it's
a non-browser user...well, that's a totally different story.


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