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Subject: RE: [saml-dev] more than one Assertion query per request?

> > Just to be pedantic.... SOAP allows any number of elements 
> in the SOAP 
> > Body, but they must all correspond to a single "request" or 
> "response."
> Is it the WSI basic profile I'm thinking of? I could swear 
> something said only one child element per body and it came up 
> somewhere recently.

Yes. The document/literal wrapped and rpc/literal SOAP styles
(recommended by WS-I) both require the SOAP request message 
with single soap:body element. The element corresponds to the 
service operation. The operation arguments are that element 
children. The difference between the two is that with rpc/literal 
only the arguments are described by WSDL Type Schema while in 
doc/lit the whole soap:body content is described by WSDL Types 
Schema. On the wire those SOAP messages can look the exactly the
same assuming the namespaces in the WSDL operation and WSDL Types
are the same.


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