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Subject: Is there a "hello saml" site on the web that I can test 1.1 artifact andpost against?

My name is Bob Brandt, and I work at 3M.   We are an enduser enterprise
looking at implementing SAML between ourselves and other partners.  We are
not developing products in this space.

In any case, I sent an email to OASIS asking if there is an open test site
on the Internet to which I can test various SAML exchanges.   Carol Geyer,
of OASIS, then suggested that I post my question to this list.

Anyway, since the first program anyone writes in any given programming
language is "hello world",   it would be nice if an Internet  faciltity to
get started with SAML testing existed, so that we (and our partners) could
independently test our saml exchanges against a conformant implementation,
before we start debugging between ourselves.   I would call this a "hello
saml" facility, and I could care less who is providing the implementation
-- it is afterall a standard.    It would be useful for corporate
enterprises to just be able to send saml messages to an Internet site, and
get a "hello saml" back, along with details of our assertions, profile
used, etc.    In order to promote standards,  it would seem logical that
OASIS, WS-I or a similar organization might have such a service available.

Does such a service exist, and if so, where might I find out more
information about it?    If it does not exist, it probably should, because
it would definitely accelerate the adoption of standards, and get them out
of the breakout rooms at conferances.   I've googled around a little, but
thought I'd go straight to OASIS.

Any help/information would be appreciated.


Bob Brandt, 3M

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