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Subject: Re: [saml-dev] Is there a "hello saml" site on the web that I can test 1.1artifact and post against?

Thanks very much for the reply.   That sounds like a great idea, and we
would be interested in helping spec and test it if you are open to that
(not sure of the protocol rules of OASIS).

I did receive several other replies (many private) to my original post, but
it sounds like people are starting to think along the lines of providing
open test services that can help accelerate standards.

Thanks much,

Bob Brandt, 3M

             "Diego R. Lopez"                                              
             asis-open.org>                                             To 
             09/01/2005 10:11                                           cc 
             AM                        saml-dev@lists.oasis-open.org       
                                       Re: [saml-dev] Is there a "hello    
                                       saml" site on the web that I can    
                                       test 1.1 artifact and post against? 

bbbrandt@mmm.com wrote:
>   I would call this a "hello
> saml" facility, and I could care less who is providing the implementation
> -- it is afterall a standard.    It would be useful for corporate
> enterprises to just be able to send saml messages to an Internet site,
> get a "hello saml" back, along with details of our assertions, profile
> used, etc.    In order to promote standards,  it would seem logical that
> OASIS, WS-I or a similar organization might have such a service
> Does such a service exist, and if so, where might I find out more
> information about it?    If it does not exist, it probably should,
> it would definitely accelerate the adoption of standards, and get them
> of the breakout rooms at conferances.   I've googled around a little, but
> thought I'd go straight to OASIS.

I think that service could be a great idea, and it could be one of the
applications of the AA-RR
(see http://www.terena.nl/tech/task-forces/tf-emc2/aarr.html).
The SAML adaptor (based on OpenSAML) is almost ready, so we would be
able to start a "Hello SAML" service soon. If you are interested,
once the adaptor is fully operative, we can discuss which profiles
could define the behavior of this service.

Best regards,

"Esta vez no fallaremos, Doctor Infierno"

Dr Diego R. Lopez

Red.es - RedIRIS
The Spanish NREN

e-mail: diego.lopez@rediris.es
jid:    drlopez@im.rediris.es
Tel:    +34 955 056 621
Mobile: +34 669 898 094

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