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Subject: Re: [saml-dev] SAML and Siteminder question

If you are using siteminder the only way to decrypt their cookie is either through their agent or some API call.  ColdFusion is a different web/app server and won't know how to do anything with that cookie.  Your application will always present the user a login page unless your CF server has either an agent or makes an API call to decrypt the cookie.  I use a 'similar product' and the cookie created by siteminder will be decrypted by their proprietary decryption algorithm -- which I don't think is available as open source.

Okay, so, where can I read about making an API call to siteminder to decrypt the cookie?  If I can use java, I *should* be able to integrate into coldfusion.

Also, what is the 'similar product'?  If it isn't too expensive, perhaps I can make a case for purchasing it.


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