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Subject: RE: [saml-dev] SAML and Siteminder question

> 2) Again, if the FWS is available, but not the affiliate, you can
> implement a SAML consumer as Darren mentioned.  SiteMinder supports
> identity federation without using the affiliate agent, but you need to
> write the SAML consumer part.

You can take a toolkit off the shelf to do this, such as OpenSAML or
SourceID, or you can use something like Shibboleth, which is an open source
SAML implementation (SP and IdP) that works fine with SiteMinder's SAML IdP.

The SAML option is, IMHO, a much better idea then continuing to invest in
proprietary SSO unless you already bought and deployed the proprietary code,
or need something that the SAML spec doesn't include.

-- Scott

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