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Subject: Re: [saml-dev] SAML and Siteminder question

> It would be easier to just install the SiteMinder agent on your web
> server yourself instead of paying your IT group $8K to do it for you.  A
> SM agent is very easy to install, anyone with basic web server skills
> can do it if you follow the instructions.  From a licensing perspective
> there's usually no cost to add agents, but there is to add new users.

Okay, I can follow instructions :-)  I've configured IIS numerous
times and also apache... so I'm familiar enough with the web server

Where can I get an SM agent?  I suppose I would need to talk to my IT
folks about that?  Or can I get one from somewhere else?

Also, THANK YOU EVERYONE!  This has been the most helpful mailing list
I have ever joined!  I've carefully read everyone's posts and I'm
considering everyone's suggestions.


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