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Subject: SAML 2.0 new features help.

Title: SAML 2.0 new features help.

I'm new to SAML and I'm trying to get most of reading through Internet and Specs.

A couple of things I'm trying very hard to understand:

1 )everywhere I can see the new features of 2.0 like Federated Identity support:

SAML 2.0 remedies this by defining how two sites can, with the participation of the user, establish an (or multiple) identifier for that user in a dynamic online fashion. SAML 2.0 also defines mechanisms to allow both sites to manage (e.g., update, cancel) identifiers once agreed upon.

This is basically account linking.
Ok now I cannot find how SAML 2.0 achieve this in any of the spec at the OASIS web page:

file: saml-2.0-os.zip:

2)  Also there is a mention about SAML 2.0 providing a protocol which doesn't requires cookies to be exchanged between SP and IDP to achieve session management,

but again I haven't found anything.

Can anyone please help ?

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