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Subject: RE: [saml-dev] SAML 2.0 new features help.

> Yes I had a look at section 8 though it seems that the specs lacks some
> sort of user guide on how to do thinks as the info is scattered. Thanks
> anyway.

Specs aren't user guides, those are very different things. The specs have to
stop where application-defined behavior takes over.

There is a need for an implementation guide, but nobody with the cycles to
write it.

> What about cross domains SPs/IDPs ? do they have to use some sort of
> common (domain server ?) is that the only way ? what about the
> relaystate can this help ?

I don't follow you. All SPs and IdPs are generally "cross-domain", that's
why SAML exists. Common domains can help address IdP discovery by sharing a
cookie for identifying the IdP to use, but that's not really very practical
in many environments.

Relay State has nothing to do with sharing of information, it's for the SP
alone, and it isn't even used in many cases, cookies are.

-- Scott

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